Saturday, January 17, 2009


I rented this from Netflix thinking it would detail philosophical struggles around the First Amendment. Turns out it was a series of battlefield folktales narrated by a stern, geeky figure with Blagojevich hair. Now, I couldn't watch the whole thing, but the thesis seemed to be that God deflected a baker's fuck-ton of musket balls from our founding fathers in order that they could build a Christian nation.
Shame on me for not paying attention to the absurd title and clumsy cover layout. Wallbuilders is actually the subtitle.
Anyway, I wrote a comment rant:
"Netflix, how about moving this out of your documentary slot and into a brand new category: "Christian Perspectives." Works, no?
I believe the addition of this category will allow Netflix subscribers greater accuracy in choosing documentary films corresponding to their interests- to effectively discriminate between films intended to promote creative discourse on religion and government and those intended to…"
Of course this was the result of editing and re-editing, removing phrases like "revisionist fucktards", etc. in order to make it sound more reasonable, but having reached this last anemic editorial iteration, I lost interest.

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