Saturday, January 17, 2009


Part of UK artist Jamie Shovlin's latest cultural fiction, a 70's German glam/experimental band.
More Lustfaust can be found here and here. Also check out Mirrorworldmusic which I had incorrectly believed was entirely manufactured for the project. Turns out it's real, some of the artists at MWM happen to be collaborators (apologies and thanks for the correction, Murray).

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  1. I just wanted to clarify that MirrorWorldMusic isn't an element of Shovlin's manufactured music scene.

    Michael and Schneider (both of Schneider TM) are good friends of myself, Jamie and the other participants in the Lustfaust project (we met them through Lustfaust). I wouldn't want people to think MirrorWorldMusic wasn't a real record label and not buy their fine music.

    They did however colaborate with us on the Schneider TM und Lustfaust 7" split which is still available to spend your hard earned pennies on.